Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is this what parenting is like?

I feel like a have a child, and his name is Vladimir. My big fat cat named Vladimir has driven me to the point of insanity. I love my cat like a child, but if I have to replace my carpet because of him, so help me.

Vladimir has diabetes, it is controlled for the most part, but he needs to be checked once in a while. Well now he has a Urinary Tract Infection. Treatable with antibiotics, but to find out he had this we learned the hard way. He peed on my floor. Not just once, but about 4 times, in the same spot. So after a gallon of vineger and a gallon of natures miracle, I thought I had the smell under control, until last night.

Vladimir was being punished (and controlled) by locking him in a bathroom while we were away and sleeping. This was to prevent him from peeing on the floor. Well last night I let him sleep in bed with us again. This was a BIG mistake, he peed on my floor again. So I poured a half gallon of natures miracle on the spot this morning, we will see what the smell is like.

Vinegar and Natures Miracle are supposed to neutralize the smell to prevent the cat from peeing in the same place. Aparently Vladimir is immune to vinegar because he just peed on top of it. He also peed on top of tin foil and aparently cats are supposed to hate tin foil. I guess I am just proving that he is not a cat, but some creature from another planet with six toes.

I love my cat, but he is getting expensive and smelly :( I hope soon this is all figured out.

Monday, June 4, 2007

One more way to save the boobs.

I discovered a great organization that raises money for breast cancer. The website is

The idea is you donate your bridal dress (after your wedding of course) and they sell it and donate the money to the fight against breast cancer.

Or if you are on the prowl for a dress you can go to one of their sales and purchase your dress there. The downside is, they don't have any sales planned in Minnesota in the next year.

When you are at the website, click on "brides against breast cancer" and it will give you the information. You have to mail the dress to Oregon, which isn't cheap, but hey, it is for a good cause and is tax deductable, for those of you that itemize.

I plan to donate my dress after my wedding.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

3-Day update

Here is an update on my 3-day walk for those of you who care.

I walked about six miles today. It felt good but now my legs hurt. I am scared about the sixty miles. I think the first day should be good, it is the following days I am worried about. I have had plenty of vacations when I have walked a little too much one day and I need to just relax the next. I suppose that is why I am training.

I have raised $868 to date. I think that is pretty good, considering I have just under three months to raise the rest, but I am also nervous about not raising the full $2200. In order to walk I have to raise a minimum of $2200. If I do not I can either pay the difference or not walk. Now I have no problem paying the difference if it is a few hundred dollars, I guess I am just nervous, I should do fine.

Check back for more information about my 3-day walk and updates on my wedding! Only 370 days now!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look at me, I have a blog

I have a real blog now, I guess that makes me cool or something. I have another blog at Just in case you want to check that out. I am just here at work wasting time, I seem to do that a lot. Lets see, what can I tell you about me. I just graduated from college and I will start my Master Degree this fall at Hamline University. I am very excited about that. I have a cat, his name is Vladimir (Vladdy for short). Most of my day is filled with work and hanging out with my finacee, Ken. We are getting married in June. If you are invited you will get an invitation. Maybe something interesting will happen in the next few days and I will have something to talk about.