Saturday, June 2, 2007

3-Day update

Here is an update on my 3-day walk for those of you who care.

I walked about six miles today. It felt good but now my legs hurt. I am scared about the sixty miles. I think the first day should be good, it is the following days I am worried about. I have had plenty of vacations when I have walked a little too much one day and I need to just relax the next. I suppose that is why I am training.

I have raised $868 to date. I think that is pretty good, considering I have just under three months to raise the rest, but I am also nervous about not raising the full $2200. In order to walk I have to raise a minimum of $2200. If I do not I can either pay the difference or not walk. Now I have no problem paying the difference if it is a few hundred dollars, I guess I am just nervous, I should do fine.

Check back for more information about my 3-day walk and updates on my wedding! Only 370 days now!

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